Make a difference for the older adults in your community. image

Make a difference for the older adults in your community.

Alternatives walks with older adults and their families through each transition to live safely and independently in their own home.

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Alternatives helps you and your loved ones navigate life's transitions by providing advice, support, and resources to help older adults stay safely in their home; older adults like Fran and Jim.

As Jim’s health deteriorated and Fran’s memory got worse, they contacted Alternatives to figure out the next best steps to stay safe and secure in their own home. Alternatives staff helped Jim and Fran articulate their goals and priorities and to develop solutions for their unique situation. Afterward, Alternatives connected them to needed supports: hot, balanced meal delivered each day; help with grocery shopping, meal preparation, and cleaning; and transportation for Jim to get to doctors’ appointments and the gym. They got the care and support they needed while their children got the peace of mind that their parents had safety, security, and their basic needs covered between visits.